WIZK-AM and K-101.9 FM is a classic country radio station. Unlike many other "classic country" stations  today, WIZK does not limit the playlist to just a  few "cream-of-the-crop" selections. Our extensive collection of music is unmatched by any other local radio station!

You also get local weather, news, events, birthdays, and other local  information you may have been missing. When you tune in to Dixie 1570 AM and listen once,  you will remember what radio used to be -- what radio is supposed to be! 



WIZK-AM and K-101.9 FM is located in beautiful Bay Springs, Mississippi, and has been serving the areas of Jasper, Smith, Jones, Clarke, Newton, and

Simpson counties since 1971. In 2013, WIZK was acquired by Sage Communications, LLC, a Mississippi-based company whose goal is to bring local programming back to local residents. WIZK is dedicated to serving the listening area with quality programing and information, and providing that hometown approach that the Wall Street corporations have failed to provide.

WIZK-AM is licensed to operate on 1570 khZ on the AM band with a tower height of 300 feet. WIZK is a daytime broadcast facility that operates from sunrise to sunset at 3200 watts maximum transmitter power output with a non-directional antenna system. Studio and transmitting facilities are located at 150 Bay Avenue, Bay Springs, Mississippi